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Superbly Sintered

Masterful Designs in Metal Clay

Superbly Sintered: Masterful Designs in Metal Clay is a celebration of the very best designs from metal clay artists around the world.

22 pieces of exceptional work were chosen by a distinguished jury for entry into this exhibition.

The exhibition is being shown at SINTER: The AMCAW Conference, in Pittsburgh, May 19-22

Click on the images to go to the artist’s individual page.

Virgen de Guadalupe Medallion

Lorena Angulo

Honoring Nicho "Kathleen"

Lorena Angulo

Kraken octopus

Alexander Arsentev

Art Deco Locket

Terry Brau

Morgan Hill Night Moth

Ellen Jean Cole

Burnet Moth 360

Holly Cromwell

The Menagerie

Pam East


Celie Fago


Celie Fago

Sacred Healing Amulet

Danielle Ferreira

Arizona Blues

Marie Gniazdowski


Loretta Hackman

Turquoise Collar

Jennifer Kahn

Les Fleur de l'Age d'Or

Linda Kaye-Moses

Stuck In My Brain & Under My Skin

Paula McDowell

Sweet Flower of Youth

Kate Qualley Peterson

Water Djinni Amulet

Julia Rai


Barbara Rivolta

Soul Keeper

Helen Sang


Tracey Spurgin

Why Can't We All Get Along Like The Fish?

LauraKay Whiticar-Darvill

Natural Creation

Joy Wignall


Anca Crahmaliuc profile

Tim McCreight

Erin Harris

Donna Penoyer

may bartrum

Terry Kovalcik