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How would you like to be able to choose a $75 USD prize, from lots of great choices, in return for buying a ticket for only $45 USD? That’s pretty fun and a fabulous deal, right? And just think how terrific the prize choices will be when they’re donated by creative artists like you!

That’s the idea behind Everyone’s a Winner, an AMCAW fundraiser on Saturday night at SINTER. You’ll be able to look over dozens of prizes in advance. When your number is called during the fundraiser, you can choose your prize from those available – and don’t worry, all numbers will be called and even the last number will have a variety of prizes from which to choose. In short, everyone who buys a ticket wins!

But first, we need your help!

Please support AMCAW by donating an item or two to make our fundraiser a rousing success. Donated items don’t have to have a retail value of $75 USD; items with lower values are gladly and gratefully accepted and will be combined with other donations to create prize packages of $75 USD or more.

Donations can be anything that would appeal to those attending SINTER; they can be items or services or gift certificates. We all love metal clay art, gear, and classes, but a wide variety of goods and services will make the event even more fun and exciting!

Suggestions include:

  • Hand-crafted metal clay objects or any kind of artwork, such as jewelry, paintings, photography, textiles, etc.
  • Metal clay, metal clay and metalsmithing tools, gems/stones, or how-to books/DVDs
  • Redeemable certificates for on-line services; these could include classes in metal clay, business skills such as accounting, photography, or marketing, or any how-to that appeals to artists. (We recommend at least two hours of instruction and/or mentoring)
  • Other redeemable certificates, such as lodging, food, beverages, activities, etc.

Please consider donating your own work or services, and reaching out to your friends and creative circles to see if they might be willing to donate to help our organization. Did you buy stones or tools a little too enthusiastically and have some you know you’ll never use? Donate them to us! And if you get a gift over the holiday season that isn’t quite right for you, please consider regifting it to AMCAW for our fundraiser. And yes, you can donate as many items as you’d like!

How can donating help you?

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase your work – and your generosity – to an international audience of metal clay artists and enthusiasts. Every donor will be identified at the prize table with their name and/or business cards beside their donation(s). Donations received in advance of the conference may also be featured in advance promotion. (You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish). As always, your donations to AMCAW are tax deductible as allowed by your taxing authority.

Donate today!

If you or one of your friends are interested in donating, please fill out a donation form at the link below. Donated items can be brought to SINTER if you’re attending, or shipped in advance. There are donation collection points in the UK and the Netherlands (shipped items should arrive by 15 April 2022), and in the U.S. (shipped items need to arrive by 30 April 2022). Information and more details about getting your donation to us will pop-up after you fill out the donation form.


Thanks for considering donating to AMCAW’s fundraiser, Everyone’s a Winner! We greatly appreciate your generosity.

What kinds of items are you looking for?

Almost everything! The metal clay artists attending will of course love anything related to metal clay: tools, gems, clay, online classes, expert consultations on photography/social media/etc., and metal clay jewelry/artwork you’ve made. But don’t stop there! We all love books, scarves, anything hand-crafted, gift certificates, and fun items. Just keep in mind that attendees will need to travel home with their new goodies, so size and weight are considerations. 

Do items have to be new?

No, gently used items are acceptable. We all have tools that we bought, used once, and decided they weren’t for us; other artists might be looking for just those tools! Please make sure all items are in very good condition and are usable (for example, clay isn’t dried out). A good rule of thumb is: would you give it to a friend? 

What price range or value should the donation have?

Really, any price. The prizes will all have a retail value of $75 USD; if an item is less than $75, it will be bundled with other items to create a prize package worth $75. And items worth more than $75 will be sure to be the first to be chosen!

How do I set the value if it’s an item I’ve had for a while?

Items should be listed at their current retail value. For instance, if you are donating a package of silver clay you purchased last year for $99 and it’s now $125, list it at $125. Check prices online for similar items to set the value of your donations.

Do I have to be a member, or attending SINTER, to donate?

No, anyone can donate! Donating is a great way to help support metal clay education and the growth of metal clay as a medium. If you have friends who would like to support the arts, please ask them to donate. Donations to AMCAW, as a non-profit, are tax deductible as allowed by your taxing authority.

How do I get my items to you?

If you’re attending SINTER, of course you can bring them with you (please fill out a form by May 1 to let us know what you’re donating and that it’s coming with you).  If you’re not able to attend, or just don’t want to travel with your items, you can ship them in advance to us. There are collection points in the U.K. and the Netherlands (items shipped here should arrive by 15 April 2022) and the U.S. (items shipped here should arrive by 30 April 2022). You’ll get an email with shipping addresses and more information as soon as you complete the donation form. If you’re donating a redeemable certificate, you can email it at any time to info@sinterconference.com.

Everyone’s a Winner! promises to be a blast. We hope you will join us in person to be part of the fun, and in spirit if you can’t attend. Thank you in advance for your generosity in donating whatever you can. As always, thank you for helping us shape the future of metal clay!