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Your Chance to Inspire Others!

Do you enjoy sharing your crafting knowledge? Would you like to show a new metal clay technique, or share a non-metal-clay craft that you enjoy, at Sinter? If so, we have an opportunity for you!

On Friday evening at SINTER, we’d like to offer some hands-on classes or “make and take” activities taught by you, our amazing artists who are generously sharing their skills! These can be any type of artistic activity – Viking knit chains, solar plate etching, dichroic glass cabs, chain maille or whatever our super creative metal clay community members think up. These extra little learning sessions are incredibly popular at metal clay events, and they create a wonderful opportunity for other artists to get to know you, particularly as an instructor.

Activities can be a two-hour class, or a simpler “make and take” activity which takes less than an hour to complete, with participants coming and going during a two-hour period.

Wanted: A Fascinating Instructor!

As we are encouraging everyone to dress up for our Saturday evening gala dinner with a fascinator, top hat, or bowtie, wouldn’t it be fun if everyone could make their own fascinator or bow tie on the spot? If you know how to make fascinators or bowties, please consider teaching the rest of us how at Artists Inspiring Artists!

Interested? Here’s how it works

First, decide which of your skills you’d like to share! Then decide how many students you can teach in a class, or in “make and take” sessions. You’ll provide the supplies and equipment for your activity/class so your students have the correct materials; off course, you may charge a fee for your materials kit. While you will not be paid to lead a class or activity, you may choose to add a small amount per student to the cost of each materials kit if you wish to do so. The cost of a materials kit should not exceed $45 USD including your per-student charge.

Students will sign up online in advance for your activity. As they do, AMCAW will collect the materials kit fees for you so you don’t have to worry about paperwork, and will transfer the material fees collected to you within seven days after the close of the conference. You will be supplied with a list of participants and their contact information in advance so you may provide them with a list of tools or materials they’ll need which are not supplied in the materials kit. A limited number of conference kilns will be available for activities needing them. 

It’s easy to become an artist inspiring other artists!

  1. Just fill out the application form below by March 15, 2022 to let us know what you’d like to teach.
  2. Eight activities will be chosen; you’ll be notified in late March if your activity is chosen
  3. SINTER attendees will be able to sign up for your class or activity starting in April

We hope you’ll consider generously sharing your knowledge with the rest of us at SINTER!